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What is the Research Analysis Document?


The Research Analysis Document is an independent analysis of over 300 reflexology research studies from around the world.

It is over 320 pages in size and was developed by the International Council of Reflexologists.

Purpose of This Document:

Reflexologists all over the world have been asked, “Is there any research about the effects of reflexology where a specific health condition is mentioned? 
Except for a handful of reflexologists who have traveled the globe and made a special effort to collect reflexology research studies from all over the world, few reflexologists could answer that question, and had no where to go for such information.

Now, reflexologists can answer that question just by looking at a copy of this document.
There were other reasons why the International Council of Reflexologists developed this document.

· To increase public awareness of the benefits of reflexology

· For the general public to be able to find information about research in areas of interest to them, such as, “Is there any research showing the effectiveness of reflexology for the relief of symptoms related to headaches?”

· For reflexologists to be able to see the many areas in which reflexology has been documented to be helpful.

· For reflexologists to be able to give results to clients when asked about specific areas of reflexology research.

· For reflexologists, journalists, and others to be able to have the information easily available to write articles about the documented benefits of reflexology for local newspapers, magazines, digests, etc., including citations and references to the actual studies themselves.  

· For reflexology organizations all over the world to have the information available to write articles about the documented benefits of reflexology for their reflexology newsletters including citations and references to the actual studies which, in turn, serves to educate their members on the latest developments in the field of reflexology.

· To have one centralized, independent, impartial Clearing House of information on the subject of reflexology research.

· To help reflexologists and others from around the world gather ideas for their own future reflexology research projects.

· To help advance reflexology for self-help and to use on family and friends.

· To help advance reflexology as a remarkable independent profession.

· To show the wide range of institutions around the world where serious reflexology research is being conducted.

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