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Frequently Asked Questions About I.C.R. Conferences

How is the location of the conference decided?   Usually a reflexology organization will ask the ICR if they can organize the conference in their country. This was the case with the Kos, Melbourne, Vancouver and London conferences.

If no organization is forthcoming then the I.C.R. Directors will nominate three or four possible locations for the next conference. The ICR Directors will then vote on the location of the next conference. This was the case with the Honolulu conference and the Rome Conference.


Our association would like to put in a bid for a future conference, what do we have to do?   In December of the even numbered years, a notice is put in the I.C.R. newsletter asking if any association would like to host the next available I.C.R. Conference. The association is then sent a questionnaire (which is also on this website - below) which they need to fill in and return it to the I.C.R. with any supplementary information that they feel will assist their bid.

  Questionnaire for Hosting ICR Conferences


When is the winning host country announced?   The winning host country for the next ICR conference is announced at the end of the preceding ICR conference.


I would like to speak at an I.C.R. Conference, how do I go about it?   The I.C.R. Conference is the leading reflexology conference in the world so being a speaker at the conference is a real honour. Some speakers approach the Board of Directors with their request. The Board of Directors are always looking at up and coming presenters to speak at the conference. Each ICR director attends numerous conferences each year as a delegate and hear many speakers. The Directors also ask the members who they would like to hear at future conferences.

Armed with this information the Directors meet in the even numbered years and discuss possible speakers. Those speakers are then approached and asked to submit an abstract of their presentation. The Board then looks at those and then decides the speakers. The Board tries to organize a very interesting program that will appeal to all delegates and cover a large range of subjects.

Speakers can be professional speakers, presenters, teachers, authors or practitioners.

What the Board of Directors looks for are quality speakers who will enhance the conference and act in a highly professional manner. The Directors ask that they not promote any commercial interest they may have e.g. books, schools or courses (these will be listed in the conference brochure); and that the speakers deliver quality information to the delegates.

If you would like to speak at a future ICR Conference or know of a speaker who could be a possible speaker then please email our conference co-coordinator at  


Do I get paid to speak at an I.C.R. conference?   No, the I.C.R. do not pay speakers. Travel expenses are not paid by I.C.R. and is the responsibility of the speaker. Speaking at an ICR Conference is considered an honor and has helped several speakers become well known on the international reflexology conference/seminar circuit.