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Spiros Dimitrakoula

Spiros Dimitrakoulas is Greek Canadian, born in Montreal. His reflexology journey began in 1992 while learning and working next to a general physician in Athens. Since 2005 he has worked in his own office in Athens and teaches reflexology to students at Natural Health Science and is a tutor for MNT-NR (Nerve Reflexology).

Since 2003 he has continued in the role of Greek representative for RiEN, he has been chief editor of Enarmonisi, the Hellenic Association of Reflexologists magazine and board member for five years, currently holding the position of President. Spiros has recently published an article, “A documented history of Reflexology”, which lead him to the development of Orthopedic Reflexology (OR) based on the writings of Hippocrates and Galen.

He heads a team of Reflexologists, working at the pain clinic of the university hospital Aretaieio, in Athens, and has also given lectures and workshops at physiotherapy and palliative congresses in Greece. Over the last five years he has led the Athens Classic Marathon, NIKERUN and for numerous other sports events massage & reflexology teams of volunteers. In 2012 he was the Reflexologist for the handball team Diomidis Argos which won the Greek Championship and European Cup where he refined and applied OR. His Reflexology interest and specialization is in pain, sports and the elderly - centenarians. Currently he is integrating people with disabilities in Reflexology training.