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Maurico (Moshe) Kruchik

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1961, Moshe has lived in Kfar Saba, Israel, since 1989. He is married and has two children.

Maurico graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of the Republic of Uruguay in 1984 and has been a Reflexologist since 1998, a Pregnancy and Birth Therapist - Doula (graduated with honours) since 2000 and Antenatal Educator since 2006. Moshe trained as a Doula (graduated with Honours) at the MediCin College of Complementary Medicine in Tel Aviv and at the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, Israel and now works as a freelancer Maternity Reflexologist and Doula in several hospitals. He has worked on a special project involving the attention of adolescents suffering paranoia, schizophrenia and other behavioural disorders at the Abrabanel Psychiatric Hospital in Bat Yam, Israel and at the Kaplan Hospital of Rehovot, Israel, successfully treating a newborn with Hirschprung's disease, who was confined to the Intensive Care Unit.

Maurico Kruchik is the author of the book, Analyzing Personality Patterns through the Feet, and Co-author and Publisher of the book, Reflexology for Cancer Patients. He is also the Founder and President of the Israeli Forum of Reflexology and The International Society of Maternity Reflexology. Maurico founded the MRTP (Maternity Reflexology Training Program) which is followed by more than 2000 reflexologists, midwives and other professionals in the world of obstetrics and birth worldwide. This program is the first of its kind to present Maternity Reflexology as a preventative therapy and includes Reflexology for the treatment of preconception, fertility issues, pregnancy, birth, puerperium and newborns.

He also organized the First International Symposium on Reflexology and Cancer (2008) and the First International Conference on Maternity Reflexology (2009). Both events took place in Israel. Maurico is constantly invited as guest speaker and lecturer to international conferences, seminars, workshops and courses around the world by associations of Reflexologists, Midwives, Doulas and Medicine among them the ICR Conference in Cairns, Australia in 2007, National Conference of Midwives in Coimbra, Portugal, 2010, RAC Conference in Montreal, Canada, 2008, European Conference on Natural Medicine Zaragoza, Spain, 2006, European Conference of Doulas, Paris, France, 2009, RIEN Conference in Luxembourg, 2012 and many more. Maurico regularly contributes articles to several Reflexology Magazines and is Editor and Publisher of the quarterly magazine, Maternity Reflexology Today. Creator of numerous useful techniques for the treatment of specific treatment of conditions in the maternity period, like the BRULEE technique for the immediate release of oedema in pregnancy (recognized as of scientific validity at the National Conference of Midwives in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in 2009) and mastitis in the puerperium.