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By Beryl Crane

We really have had the most wonderful Conference. The theme ‘Spotlight on Reflexology’ truly lived up to its title. We had the most diverse variations of Reflexology from USA, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Japan and Denmark. We are looking forward to a brief report (written by one of our members, Janet Stetser) on the Conference from a delegate point of view, which will hopefully be in our March issue.

When it comes to speakers one cannot simply choose which one was the best, this is one reason why we did not have a particular Key Speaker, as the standard of the Speakers was so very good and each speaker gave a superb presentation.

We had eight excellent ‘Hands on Workshops’ running on the Sunday and delegates were able to choose two workshops from group 1 and two workshops from group 2.

Group 1
  • Pain Management with Foot, Hand, Ear Reflexology - Bill Flocco
  • Reverse Fertility & Reverse Reproductive Health with RAF/TM - Vera Krijn
  • Pawspoint Reflexology for Animals- Yvette Eastman
  • The Five Elements – How We Incorporate Them into Our Practice - Inge Dougans
Group 2
  • The Science Behind Deposits: What Biopsies Revealed - Dr Jesus Manzanares
  • Thai Reflexology - Karen Ball
  • Facial Reflexology - Marie-France Muller
  • Sole Balance Taping Technique - Iwao Kasahar

I listened to all the presentations as they were so interesting, and I was also in and out of many of the workshops and watched how enthralled the delegates were as they took part in each of these sessions. If you were unable to attend, send for our Transcript Book, which really is worth perusing.

Picture of desk with typewriter

We had a special Conference Feature displayed by Ignatio ‘Nachi’ Sanchez, which consisted of an interesting display of memorabilia and a very valuable collection of pictures showing Eunice Ingham's couch as well as books from those early pioneers. This created a great attraction for everyone.

Our welcome reception was, as always, a great success. For a couple of hours delegates were able catch up with old friends, meet the speakers and Board members and generally network with reflexologists from around the world. The display of food for the buffet was excellent and more than enough to satisfy everyone.

At each conference ICR presents awards to organisations or individuals who are worthy of note. These awards are not for individuals who write a book or have school where there is some monetary reward. These awards are for people who have made an international contribution to the world of reflexology.

This year we gave Nachi Sanchez ‘’The Humanitarian Award’’ as we felt that he had made an outstanding contribution to the field of reflexology. Not only for travelling around different countries, spreading the good word and promoting reflexology, but also for his amazing display and collection of memorabilia and artefacts, all gathered at his own cost, displaying the early history of reflexology. We felt this gave everyone a deeper understanding of our early pioneers.

We also had attending, one of Eunice Ingham’s early students, Estelle Sanchez, I would not be so rude as to quote her age, but what a fantastic promotion it is to reflexology as this lovely lady danced and enjoyed herself considerably. We also thanked Dwight Byers for his valuable contribution to the field of Reflexology.

We presented the Reflexology Association of Jamaica with an award for their contribution to WRW and for sending in a report.

Dr Jesus Manzanares was given the Research Award for his outstanding work on the ‘’Science Behind Deposits: What Biopsies Revealed’’ - so informative, and it gave us an insight to what we as reflexologists felt when working on the feet. Hopefully, this puts an end to the myth of crystals. The conclusion of his research was that the anatomical – pathologic study revealed that deposits are formed by a net of hypodermic connective tissue with an abundant neurovascular element. The main difference being the amount of nervous fibres found in a deposit at a tender reflex compared to the low number of nervous fibres found in a non-deposit biopsy. Confirming what many of us already feel and that is that there is enough evidence to support the relationship between reflexology and the neurological system. The mechanism of action supports this theory that reflexology has a neurobiochemical basis.

Dr Jesus Manzanares receiving the Research Award
Dr Jesus Manzanares receiving the Research Award

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to each of the speakers in special recognition for their significant contribution in helping the 12th International Conference to be such an excellent success.

Certificates were also given to Christine Issel, Janet Stetser, and Josephine Tan for attending every single conference since ICR began, unfortunately Josephine had to pull out at the very last minute due to family problems.

Reflexology Hall of Fame
Reflexology Hall of Fame

The first inductees to the Reflexology Hall of Fame took place at the Cairns conference in 2007. This year we added two more inductees, Doreen Bayle from the UK and Mildred Carter from the USA.

At the end of the conference with bated breath everyone sat in anticipation as to where the next conference would be held. This had been a closely guarded secret throughout the conference, with members coming up and begging that they be told, as some had to leave early, but our lips were firmly sealed until right at the last moment. We then linked up via Skype and we had contact with ‘Castro Verde, Portugal’ the next venue for the ICR Beinnial Conference in 2011.

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