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President: Eduardo Luis (Portugal)

Eduardo Eduardo began to study Reflexology in Madeira in 2001. He continued in Porto at the Institute of Integrated Reflexology in 2004 and completed his studies in 2007. He has 11 years experience in the Reflexology field and in 2007 he founded the Center for Reflexology in Madeira, of which he is a director.

Eduardo is a trainer and organizes workshops and conferences for the dissemination of Reflexology in Madeira and Portugal. He has given basic Reflexology training in the Regional Health Service in Madeira to nurses, doctors and the general public. He writes for magazines on reflexology issues and has participated in programs on TV and Radio.

He organized the first Congress of Reflexology in 2009 in Portugal, Madeira where he discussed two themes: "Maternity in Reflexology" and "Chinese Medicine associated with Reflexology". Eduardo is a Monitor of the Reflexology Course - Child method by Angeles Hinojosa, integrated with the “Spanish Association of Reflexology Child”.

Eduardo completed a course in Maternity Reflexology with Mauricio Mosche Kruchik and he has trained in traditional Chinese medicine, Auriculotherapy, Su-Jok, Moxibustion, TLE (Emotional Freedom Technique), Rebirthing, Aromatherapy, Hopi Candles, Flower Bach, Metamorphic Reflexology, Reflexology Emotional, Energetic Matrix, Reiki, Chair-massage and facial reflexology.

Eduardo is an advocate of the Reflexology clinic in Portugal and it is his intention to establish a credible body in order to see Reflexology accepted by the National Health Service.

Vice-President: Jennie Levick (United Kingdom)

Jennie Jennie was born in China, returning to England after internment during WW2.

Educated in Bedford, Jennie was a General Nurse who trained at Westminster Hospital, London. She married her husband, Derwent, in Sheffield and they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2011.

14 years in Guernsey covered the family of 4’s education before returning to Sheffield in 1990 to a purpose built home that included the Green Care Clinic. Here Jennie took her Nursing into full time Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology® (UK) becoming a tutor in 1993, then National Director in 2010 and now Principal & Quality Assurance Coordinator for the IIR(UK) Schools whilst continuing to enjoy her private practice.


Secretary: António Vaz (Portugal)

António António began his studies in Reiki in 2003. After much searching to find schools that teach Reflexology he began his studies at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in 2004 with 50 hours, which was clearly not enough time. Shortly afterwards he joined the Institute of Integrated Reflexology, Emidio Carvalho, and completed his 500 hours training. Since then António has not stopped, he has studied with Mauricio Kruchick and completed training in ‘Reflexology in pregnancy and childbirth preparation’, ‘Reading toes and lifestyle’, better known as ‘Observation Dynamics’, ‘Reflexology puerperium’ and ‘Reflexology child’ with Inojosa Angeles.

With a thirst for knowledge he met Lone Sorensen in 2010 when Facial Reflexology was introduced to Portugal. António developed close ties with Lone and assisted with developing and translating course material into Portuguese, in order to start the training and lectures in Facial Reflexology.

António has devoted much of his time to the study of Infant Reflexology, especially with a case study of his own daughter. In conjunction with an otolaryngologist, he concluded that with Reflexology treatments ear infections could be treated and cured in the early stages and problems in the upper respiratory system could be treated and subsequent surgery avoided through the use of foot and facial reflexology. He has also worked with cancer patients, particularly breast cancer, and with patients who suffered strokes, with very positive results.

António is enrolled in the Federal Council of Non-conventional Medicine and is recognized as a reflexology coach. It is his aim to further the recognition of this fantastic therapy and to continue to participate more actively in the study and dissemination of the same.

Treasurer: Jessica Hart (South Africa)

JessicaJessica Hart runs a private Therapeutic Aromatherapy and Reflexology practice in the Durban area of South Africa.

She is co-owner of Natural Oils, a web-based company supplying fixed and essential oils and packaging materials to aromatherapy practitioners.

Jessica lectured aromatherapy and reflexology to 3rd and 4th year somatology students at the Durban University of Technology and is a past member of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa where she represented Therapeutic Reflexology.

Director: Abbigail Langstone-Wring (United Kingdom)

Abbigail Following the retirement of my Father, an Osteopath, I have successfully run the family Complementary Practice in Dorset, UK for the last 25 years. My daughter is now following in my footsteps, quite unique I think to have three generations of practitioners in one family!

As a qualified City & Guilds Tutor /Assessor I have designed and delivered workshops and accredited courses including Reflexology for various education providers, mostly in the AE & FE sectors. I graduated from the Crane School of Reflexology in 1994, adding Clinical Reflexology to my existing knowledge as a Counsellor, Homoeopath, Iridologist, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Vega Tester. I studied Clinical Ecology with Dr J Kenyon and Prof G Lewith and advanced work with Dr H Schimmel. In 1998 I attended an intensive “Acupuncture for Pain Control” course which included practical work in a Beijing Hospital. This experience in China was the catalyst for the development of my individual style of Clinical Reflexology. In 2002, I obtained my BSc Degree in Health & Social Science.

Whilst briefly living in Spain I accepted the role of event co-ordinator for the WIBC 2005 “International Women’s Day” promotion of Complementary Practitioners and Therapists of Costa Blanca. Returning to my UK practice I offered my services to the local Hospice and became a Community Complementary Practitioner Volunteer. This involves the delivery of a very special kind of reflexology to fragile patients in their home. I am also invited, in my role as a speaker to WI and Breast Cancer Support Groups etc. informing audiences on the many benefits of Reflexology.

I attended the 2011 ICR International Conference in Portugal, this led me to complete the Basic & Advanced VRT courses, an ART Professional Excellence Seminar and Nerve Reflexology course level 1.

Writing is my hobby and my articles “Holistic Health” and “Feeling Better” are regular features in local magazines and have resulted in self-publishing my “Holistic Health Tips” book.

I became an elected Public Governor of DCHFT Hospital in 2012 and in 2013 was awarded Senior Status with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners. During the 2013 ICR Conference in South Africa it was announced that I had been elected onto the board of Directors of ICR. I have no personal agenda in accepting this voluntary position, my intention is to be of service not only to the organization but to my fellow professional reflexologists worldwide.

Director: Gina Stewart (Canada)

Gina Gina is a Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr) with the Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario (RRCO). She lives in South Western Ontario, where she has had a thriving practice for the past fourteen years.

As an active member, at her local chapter, she enjoys attending meetings and networking with local therapists. For that same reason she joined ICR which has allowed her to refresh and renew herself professionally as a Reflexologist.

Gina’s profession has also taken her across the globe, as she regularly volunteers with reflexology in countries such as Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and as far and wide as to an Inuit community in the northern part of her own country. She has encouraged others to journey with her on these trips and to utilize their skilled hands in a life changing experience and an opportunity for reflexologists to grow both personally and professionally in the field.

Her articles, as a volunteer, have been featured in the Canadian Journal of Reflexology, and both RRCO’S and ICR’s newsletters. Gina is also certified as an Instructor and in Maternity Reflexology. In 2013, she trained with Dr. Manzaneres Method of Reflexology. Her other holistic modalities include Facial Reflexology, Color Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, and Infrared Sauna Therapy. Website:

Director: Georgios Foutsitzis - MD (Greece)

Georgios Georgios Foutsitzis is a Professor of Microbiology in ESRDS(Ecole Superieure Robert De Sorbon) since 2010, with a DEA in Microbiology, Bsc in Medical Lab. Science, Bsc in Natural Medicine and two MDegrees. He has teaching experience in Private non-University Postsecondary Institutions with a total of 1826 teaching hours. Georgios also spent eight months as medical laboratory technician in a State Laboratory. He has attended various scientific seminars in different cities and is also an independent credential evaluator at CUFCE.

Georgio has published 48 research papers covering a variety of topics, available in Greek. He has published two books in Greek about dairy and botanology, as well as, two teaching notes for the Post-secondary institutions where he worked. Georgio is also fluent in English and Rumanian.

Georgios Foutsitzi’s aims include:

  • To assist with the International activities of ICR , worldwide.
  • The creation of academic and professional curriculums for all members.
  • Representations in International Organizations , such as: WHO.
  • Promotion of educational goals of members and ICR.
  • Foundation of an Online College, University.


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